October 21, 2005

Why do i blog ?

I have put this question to myself and have come up with two main reasons

  1. My blog is more like an online dairy. I try to put my thoughts on a regular basis. I try to read what I have posted in the past and try to see what I was thinking then and how has my thinking changed. Typically if something works out, I tend to think that it was my foresight (given time I will be become the new warren buffett !!) and luck had nothing to do with it. My blog ensures that when I look at my posts, I would be able to ‘recall’ what I was thinking and see if I can improve/ change it. At the same time if something does not work out, my earlier posts may prevent me from attributing my failure to bad luck.

  2. The second reason is to learn from others. Bruce, value architects and a few other visitors have commented or written personally to me in the past. It is good to have a different opinion or to get some inputs from others as it makes me rethink my assumptions or helps me in resolving some of my doubts.

I don’t think this blog is going to make me money directly (although it would not hurt), but hopefully would make me a better investor.

And what the heck ! , I am having fun putting my thoughts out and getting feedback/ suggestions/ clarifications from other. For me that is good enough.

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George said...

That's a great attitude. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thoughts.