October 10, 2005


I keep checking on bruce’s blog regularly. He is a frequent poster on fool.com and writes fairly well on topics related to investing. He has a post on mistakes he has made in the past.

The following comment resonated with me a lot. I have had the same experience on my mistakes and agree completely with what he says ( once bitten twice shy ??)

Which leads to ACLN. In hindsight, I probably lost more money in missed opportunities from a loss of confidence by making a mistake in ACLN than the money I actually lost in ACLN. And I think that's a more important lesson. It was easy to learn how to avoid another ACLN. It was much harder to avoid seeing ACLNs everywhere I looked. As someone said about Barrons (Bearons): the bearish case always looks more intelligent and more responsible.If there's anything for certain, I'll continue to make mistakes. If Buffett keeps making mistakes even lately, what chance do I have? I believe the answer is to apply the methodology and rely on experience and do whatever is possible to have a higher batting average.

Bruce has also added a reading list to his blog. Definitely worth noting down the recommended books.

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