October 6, 2005

Analysis of business - spreadsheet posted

I have a single consolidated spreadsheet for analyzing  industries on  various parameters such as Porter’s five forces model, demand factors, supply factors affecting the industry, competitive factors for the industry etc.

I have developed this excel for my personal use to record my observations, learnings from various sources such as articles, industry reports etc. This excel is still work in progress. I am posting this excel (in its semi-complete state) on the Blog. Please feel free to download it and have a look at it.

I would really appreciate if anyone can point errors, or add to the spreadsheet. It should help my and others understanding of various industries and hopefully make us better investors

I am posting the excel under the ‘quantitative analysis’ section.


pey said...

unable to download

Rohit said...

trying right clicking and using the 'save as' option.
if you are still not able to download, please let me have your email id ..i will email the file directly

sundaram said...

UNABLE TO DOWNLAD SPREADSHEETS UNDER QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS even after right clicking and clicking save target as.PL. FWD BY EMAIL TO sksundaram64@rediffmail.com

Balaji said...

I'm a freqent visitor to ur site & enjoy ur postings.... I'd like to look at the excel also.

mail me @ balajih@gmail.com


Shai Dardashti said...

Please email me - got a few questions (and, of course, would also like to check out the spreadsheet...)

Shai Dardashti

Editor, Shai Dardashti on Grahamian Value