May 31, 2015

A picture worth a thousand words ?

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand word. Hopefully ,some of the crudely drawn ones below, by yours truly are worth atleast a few words.

The Matrix

Time, Value and price


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mkd said...

Good one Rohit. Pictures tend to stick in the mind longer and easier to recall. Next time thinking about a business I am going to imagine your matrix.

Growth Investor & Trader said...

Good blog and good post.

Stable_Boy said...

Pictures for enormous art value for value investors indeed :-)
I think most difficult part I find is the last figure and avoiding value traps!

Nilesh said...

nice charts rohit.

drmadhupv said...

dear rohit
computerized real time projection of the same pictures captures most of these trends. but, extrapolating for future would have lot of uncertainties unless you are invested in fmcg or pharma ... both of have proven their worth as money/ wealth makers over a long period
without much tweaking. i thought a visual framework like that at skaffold / or olschoolvalue etc gives a great perspective.

Ranga Narapuram said...

Hi Rohit,

Wonderful post. I have a question regarding companies with great moat, strong ethical management but low growth opportunities. I am evaluation CN, a railroad monopoly in Canada. It has been a consistent dividend player and has very strong management but don't see it growing more than 4-5% YoY.

Would that qualify as a good buy?

Please let us know ur views.


Pranav Pratap Singh said...

Beautiful post. Now I understand what people mean by value traps.