December 17, 2012

Vote on an article topic

update: 23-12
A lot of readers have responded to the survey. My personal thanks to all of you, who have responded.

The topic which got the maximum vote is - How to search for and analyse investment ideas ?

The balance questions were ordered in the following manner with the second and third place a close tie
How to read and analyse an annual report - second place 
Discounted cash flow analysis - third place
My goofups and learnings of 2012 - fourth place
Portfolio management for professionals - fifth place

I will be putting together a post over next month, for the topic which got the highest ranking  I will take up the next two topics too in due course of time.

The topic which was my favorite - about my magnetic personality :) got 15% votes. atleast 15% of you like my magnetic personality !!! :)

I get emails from a lot of readers to write about various topics. The topics requested are important for most investors and I think a majority of the readers of the blog would benefit from them. 

I have put a poll on the list of topics which have been requested in the past (except point 6) and would write on the topic which gets the most votes. If you want a different topic to be written about and is not on the list, please leave a comment and i will take it up in a future poll. 

I am sure you can guess, which topic will get my vote :)


Vidyanshu Pandey said...

Dear Rohit,

The following is my list of priority items. I could always learn a bit more and appreciate thoughts around (in order of priority) -
1. How to search and analyse investment ideas
2. How to read and analyse an annual report. With a proper detailed check list.
3. Portfolio Management. Including monitoring tools.
4. DCF
5. Goofups and learnings for 2012.

I suppose the brilliance and magnetic personality of Rohit Chauhan will always shine through in all the items above 1-through 5 ;) So i will get it free along with each of the above.

Best, Vidyanshu.

Anonymous said...

Lol -> Point No. 6. : P

Rohit Chauhan said...

Hi vidyanshu
i will be publishing the results soon...your list is close what i have got from the survey


Rohit Chauhan said...

Hi sanjayP
thanks :) ...good to see more than one person in my fan club :)


Sachin Purohit said...

Point# 4> In view of the changes made in the format of financial statements through revised Schedule vi of Companies Act. For someone so used to the old format of the numbers, the new format comes as a shock. It is like moving from Windows 95 to Windows 7! Besides the change of format, it has done away with many pieces of information completely:
Managerial remuneration no longer needs to be disclosed

Physical performance in terms of volumes of various goods sold helped analysts to figure out average selling price and hence pricing power. This vital information is now no longer available.

I guess we need to revisit "analysis of annual reports".