January 24, 2009

Hoping for a quick rebound ?

Have you been hoping for a quick rebound and a re-start of the bull market? I would not hold my breath on that. No one knows when the market will rebound. Those who claim to know are guessing. If you need a forecast fix on when the rebound will start, let me give you one – 11:22 am, 22 April 2009.

If the above forecast comes out to be false, I will just keep mum and issue a new forecast.

If the above guess turns to be correct, expect a banner on the blog proclaiming my brilliance and infinite wisdom (hail rohit !!). I will start issuing regular forecasts after that and will charge you for it.

Now this would be an easy way to make money, as long as I can find enough suckers …sorry ‘investors’ for it.

So are you willing to sign up for my hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly and annual forecasts? If you sign up today, I will give you a special 20% discount and throw in two extra forecasts, absolutely free !!!.

Moving the feed account

The feed to this blog is on feed burner (see here to understand what is a
feed). Google (which owns feedburner) is moving all feedburner accounts to google accounts.

I am planning to move my account to google too. Hopefully it should be a non event. However in the event, there is some technical glitch and you do not receive an update in 3-4 days, I would request you to check the blog and leave a comment for me. Being a super duper tech whiz, I will immediately get down to fixing it :).

In case you are new to the blog or have not subscribed to the blog, you can
use this link to subscribe to my blog. you could all the juicy forecasts in your mailbox :)


Anon2 said...

Hi Rohit,

In one of the blogs below you have asked people here not to try and catch a falling knife..NIIT Tech also declined from Rs 100 when I bought it to now around Rs 50. The future is extremely uncertain, so the question is if the markets will not go up in a hurry then when will it go up? How much will it go up by? Will we ever see good days again?

drmadhupv said...

dear rohit
i have gained nearly 25% on ur portfolio and i cashed it in dec
is it not more profitable than just holding it for 3 years
also u had talked about index etf , but which is better-sensex etf, nifty etf, or a s&p 500 india index
ur blog is agreat help

Rohit Chauhan said...

let me answer your question through a post

good to know that you gained, however it to your credit that you made good money on it.
i rarely sell quickly unless the stock reaches its intrinsic value or higher ..so my holding periods are longer

the etf i am referring to are nifty bees. i think they refer to the top 50 stocks by market cap


Abby said...

Hi! I'm an editor for Seeking Alpha. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at acarmel@seekingalpha.com. Abby

Raghu said...

Interesting date on quote! But I think the date would be closer to the bottom if you believe in trend analysis. Analysing Nifty trends, we would see another fall taking it down to 1800, following which there should be a base formation.


amit said...

Hi Rohit,

Lakshmi machine works has seen a sudden rise in volume,the stock went down in the last two days on heavy selling(by its standards). Total of one lakh stocks traded today itself.

Does some bad news is about to come.


Anon2 said...

Hi All,

Something interesting for all of us. After downloading pls. rename it as a .rar file.


Hope, its beneficial to all.

Rohit Chauhan said...

Hi raghu
i was joking when i put that date. i have no idea of when it will bottom and at what level. if i knew, i would buy lots of put, make tons of money and retire :)


Rohit Chauhan said...

hi amit
no idea. i generally dont track volumes. however considering the economy and the state of the industry i dont think one should be surprised if LMW reports bad to disastrous results

btw i would be surprised if lmw reported good results ..the price is discounting bad results


Rohit Chauhan said...

hi anon2
thanks a lot for the link.

you made my day


Anonymous said...

Hey Rohit
People have so much trust in you and they believe you at that extent where if you mentioned the date jokingly, they will start planning for that date..even i was on the edge of my seat when i first read this article. but later found it sarcastic.


Rohit Chauhan said...

Hi ani
As i was telling a friend the other day who also follows my blog and has mirrored some part of his portfolio with me - mere sath dubega (you will sink with me).

I hope people learn 'with' me, but make independent decision.

btw, pigs will fly the day i start predicting the markets and my predicitions turn out to be correct :)