October 5, 2008

Regarding personal emails to me

I have been getting personal emails for quite sometime. The volume has now gone up considerably now. Although i try to respond to each and every email i get, that may always not be the case. So if anyone of you have written to me and not heard back, my apologies. I may have missed out on the email if it landed in my spam folder or it may still be in the queue. I am not being rude, intentionally.

I receive a lot of requests seeking my view on specific stocks. If you have been around this blog for some time, you may have noticed that any point of time I have around 10-15 ideas. I typically look at companies and end up rejecting most either as they are out of my circle of competence or there is something wrong fundamentally or the valuation is too high. As a result I may not have an idea of the company being highlighted in the email.

In order to provide a decent response, I have to invest 3-4 hrs of my time to arrive at some conclusion. As investing is not a profession, I cannot devote as much time as I would like to. So I would request you to be patient with my response. Finally time is key constraint for me (I do have a life beyond investing :) ), so my approach is to focus on a few decent companies and not spread myself thin.

I am currently analysing the Annual reports of some of the companies I hold and would then start looking at new companies, preferably in the list which was provided to me in response to an
earlier post (I have not forgotten about it).

I assume most of you are aware of
RSS. RSS allows you get my posts directly in a feed reader such as google or you can subscribe via email too (don’t worry, I will not spam you). You can subscribe to this blog via ‘subscribe’ option on the sidebar. In addition, I typically update twitter with what I am reading or planning to post. You can follow me via this link.


Anonymous said...


Please dont forget to have a look at HTMT global,referred the case to you at 210 now it is at 160,getting cheaper/costlier??

Please do give your viewpoints whenever you may spare some time.


Rohit Chauhan said...

Hi anonymous
as i replied earlier ..the company is selling for less than cash on books. you will not find a deep value stock cheaper than this. i am definitely getting interested in HTMT


Anonymous said...

Hi rohit
What all do you consider in cash? As per moneycontrol HTMT has only 6-7 crores in cash.