September 13, 2007

Negative review - Way of the Turtle

I received the following comment from senthil. He pointed out to a negative review on the book (see link in the comment) – Way of the turtle on which I have been posting for the past few days.

I found some review comments to be valid. However at the same time the reviewer has choosen to highlight only the negatives and not comment on the positives of the book. I think most of the books have a mix of both. I would say good books are the ones where the positives outwiegh the negatives. Ofcourse there are books which take a germ of an idea and use 250 pages to beat it to death. On the other hand there are very few books or classics which are worth reading multiple times. ‘Security analysis’ and ‘The intelligent investor’ by Benjamin graham, Common stock and uncommon profits by Phil fisher are a few which come to my mind.

The book (inspite of the title) is not a ‘how to’ book for trading. If, like me, you do not know much about trading, this book will at best give you a basic feel of what trading is all about. I have had a mental block against trading. The block was more on the lines that it is impossible to make money via trading. I am more inclined now to believe otherwise. I am more open to the idea that traders can and do make money. Does that mean that I am interested in trading? No .. I am not. I find long term buy and hold and other forms of value investing more appealing and easier to make money. I do not have the stomach to bear a drop of 40% in my portfolio.

I am planning to read a good book on real estate investing sometime next year to see what it is all about. Better to understand various forms of investing and then reject the ones which do not fit with my temprament than to have a closed mind against it.

Other books I am reading (not related to investing)

The four hour workweek – Interesting book and quite a few good ideas by the author, but goes overboard a lot of times.
Einstein: His Life and Universe – I seen a lot of good reviews on the book and wanted to read about Einstein. Also I think charlie munger has recommended this book (not sure though)

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