July 1, 2007

An increase in intrinsic value - Lanxess ABS

update 07/03 - just saw this news on a likely open offer for lanxess ABS. thats a lucky break !!

I had posted the following on my old blog earlier.

Tuesday, May, 25th, 2004

Am i missing something

i have been analysing Bayer ABS.
Found the following positiives
1) selling at 6 time current estimates
2) has zero debt
3) has shown a growth of 10 % plus for the past 5 years
4) has reduced debt and capital employed ( returns in excess of 25 %)
5) Parent - Bayer has strong R&D in plastics
6) user industries such as telecom/ IT / Auto are growing
7) moderate competitive advantages in form of patents / good brand for some products / R&D support from parent

1) Bayer has not been very share holder friendly ( has vijay mallya as chairman !!!!!!)
2) trying to move several businesses into fully owned subsidaries
cant think of too many negatives. am i missing something ? am i wrong ?
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I have been re-analysing the company and have come up with the following analysis

The company is now called Lanxess ABS. It is the largest product of ABS (60% market share) and SAN in india. The product is used in by various OEM such auto industry, consumer durables etc.

The topline for the company has increased by around 11% per annum for the last 6 years, but due to input price pressure, the bottomline has increased by only 3% p.a. The company has performed fairly well inspite of the spike in crude prices (which impacts the raw material costs). As a result of the crude price increase the net margin of the company has come down to 4-5%. The company was not able to pass on the increase in input cost immediately. However with stabilization of the crude prices, the net margins have now increased to around 5-6% and we chould see an increase in the net margins going forward.
The company has improved the various asset turnover ratios during the period. As a result the company has a heatlhy return on capital of 20%+ with zero debt. In addition the company holds almost 80-85 Crs of cash on books which is almost 25% of the market cap

The main competition for the company is Bhansali polymers which is the second largest company in the product space. Both companies have similar margin structure and seem to be operating as a duopoly. The company has decent pricing power and can maintain a resonable return on capital.

With netprofit of around 28 Crs and cash of almost 80 Crs, I would atleast value the company at 450-500 crs. As a result the company is available at a discount of 30-40% of the intrinsic value.

caution : i hold this security. I may continue to hold or sell as i see fit. I may or may not post when i make a sale. Hence the above analysis (as always) is not a recommendation.

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