June 18, 2007

What a waste !!

Rakesh jhunjhunwala is an eminent investor. He is one of the indian investors I follow closely. Recently I found the following interview

I typically read all his interview very closely. He is both an exceptional trader and investor. One of his key approaches to investing is to understand the business model of a company, identify the underlying trend and buy meaninful portions of the company (invest heavily). His investments in praj industries and Titan have been based on this approach.

There several other facets to his investing. He is also an exceptional trader. If you have followed rakesh closely and have of an idea of this brilliant investor, the interview above strikes as completely stupid. The interviewer keeps asking the man about where the market is headed, whether the market will go up or down. Now even an investor like warren buffett has stated that it is a foolish endavour to predict the market in the short term and in the interview rakesh seems to saying something on similar lines. He seems to have an opionion on which he trades, but even he cannot predict. His approach seems to be to trade opportunistically. At the same time he has a deep knowledge of various businesses, their business models and invests based on that knowledge.

Instead of trying to help the reader/ viewer to get behind rakesh’s thinking, the entire interview is about predicting the market. What a waste !!

In addition to rakesh jhunjhunwala, I follow these indian ‘super-investors’ closely

a. Chandrakant sampath
b. Rakesh damani (I may not have got his name right)
c. Chetan parekh (his website capitalideasonline.com is a must read)
d. Prof. Sanjay bakshi

I make it a point to read their interviews and listen to their views closely. I may not blindly follow them, but there is a lot to learn from these brilliant investors.


Rajendran said...

It's Ramesh Damani. There is a weekly chat with him on Tuesdays at 4 PM on moneycontrol.com . There are transcripts of his older chats as well.

I have been following his advice for a while and found that he is not only a good investor but a great human being.


Prem Sagar said...

My indian super investors list is a photocopy of yours!!

But havent really been able to get info about C Sampath. He is also known as Warren B of 'Mumbai' I think.


Rohit Chauhan said...

hi rajendran
i have read those chats and found them useful, though brief. i thought they have stopped since then
prem - you can find about C sampath on the website capitalideasonline .

Prem Sagar said...

Hi Rohit,
I too watched the interview. Indeed wrong questions...Udayan kept on harping on whether sensex will cross 15000 or not, whether it will go back to 12000 or not...

No knowledge gained from the interview.

They had a great guest..and they extracted nothing out of him.

Rohit Chauhan said...

frankly not surprising..cnbc is just about that ..more like financial titillation than any meaningful discussion

Federico said...


Congrats on a great blog. You've posted really valuable info here. It's refreshing to enter into a web site so informative and which is not trying to sell you subscriptions to (more often than not) worthless services.


Federico (from Argentina)