June 1, 2007

A must read interview by prof bakshi

I admire prof. Bakshi, have read all his articles and read his blog regularly. He is a great teacher and it would have been great if I had been his student. I found this interview on capital ideas online. Unfortunately only part of the interview is available and the rest is available only to subscribers.

I would recommend reading the interview. On reading the section under cash bargains, I was almost nodding my head in agreement. I have posted a few cash bargains like novartis, cheviot company and merck earlier. I plan to re-read security analysis by benjamin graham and further expand the scope of my search for investment ideas.

In addition, my own thinking has started expanding to include graham type situations more. The reason is that buffett type companies are diffcult to find and require a lot of indepth understanding of the business to make a meaningful investment. Looking back at my stock screens, I realise that I left a lot of bargains on the table because they were mediocore businesses. These businesses were selling below intrinsic value and although the intrinsic value did not expand, a convergence of the current price with intrinsic value yielded good results.

A move to expand into graham type stocks has increased the number of my investment ideas. However this type of investing means a higher portfolio turnover and a constant search for cheap stocks as one may not be able to buy a great company at a decent price and enjoy the benefits of an increase in the instrinsic value.

This does not mean that I am not looking for the buffett type good companies. It is just that I am trying to let go of my mental blocks to other types of companies and other types of investing. Who knows I may overcome my aversion to trading too :)

A request – If any one reading this post has access to the full interview, I would request you to email me the link or the interview itself (id : rohitc99@indiatimes.com)

update : 4th june : i have recieved the complete interview by email. thanks to sajeesh mathew for that. It is a great interview and i learnt a lot from it. I will have to confirm with sajeesh and prof bakshi if it fine to email the interview to others. I would definitely not be posting it


Shankar said...

Hi Rohit,

I have 22 lectures of Prof. Bakshi delivered at MDI Gurgaon (2001-02). Is there a way i can upload them on a website?

Saurabh (http://pseudosocial.blogspot.com) would have the lectures for 2005-06.

Warm Rgds

Rohit Chauhan said...

i thik you can upload the files on esnips.com ...i was given this site by prem sagar where he has uploaded several good books.
if that is not feasible, can you email me the lectures ?


Harshit said...

Hi Rohit/Shankar,

If possible could you share the lectures with me as well?


Shankar said...

Just emailed the lectures for Batch 2001-02 to Rohit. Request you to kindly upload the same in a share folder.

Cheers .. Shankar

Rohit Chauhan said...

hi shankar
i have not recieved the file yet. is it possible for you to email it to me on another id - rohitc99@gmail.com
another question - is it ok to load this file and share the lectures with others ?. i would not want to load prof bakshi's lectures and interviews on my blog if it is not fine with him or appears that i have 'pirated' the content on my website.

Shankar said...

Hi, I dont think Prof Bakshi would have any objections to this. Why dont you just ask him .. sanjay@sanjaybakshi.net

I would also recommend all to go through his articles at http://sanjaybakshi.net/Articles.html

Warm Rgds

Prasanth said...

Would love to get Prof Bakshi's lectures. Please do publish the link.

Prem Sagar said...

Hi Shankar/Rohit,
Pls do let us know the link if you were able to upload. Else pls mail it to kpremsagar80@gmail.com

Thx a million

Rajendran said...

HI Shankar/Rohit,

I wrote to Prof.Bakshi to ask his permission to share his lecture notes and he replied back saying he had no objections as such but asked not to put it in the internet for download.

I will forward my e-mail to Shankhar.

Can you please share the slides ? My e-mail durairaj.rajendran@gmail.com



Shankar said...

Let's stick to email then :
I've sent emails to Rajendran Durairaj, K Prem Sagar, Rohit Chauhan and Sajeesh Mathew.

Prasanth, anna .. your email is my office mailbox. Pls drop me an email on my gmail id.

Warm Rgds

Alok said...


i too would like professor bakshi's lectures. please if you could mail them to me also.

my email id : aalok.agrawal@gmail.com


muthu said...

Hi Guys,
I too would like to get those invaluable lectures by Prof. Please drop a copy to r.muthuswamy@gmail.com

Hope you remember me, i mailed u some days back.


Pavana Kumar Varanasi said...

Hi Rohit

Could you also send me those lectures if possible.


Anonymous said...

Hi I also read the interview and found it extremely educating. Could you please mail me the full interview too. Thanks

email: italics26@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi again, it would be great if you could mail me his lectures as well. I follow his writings closely and would love to read more from him.
My email: italics26@hotmail.com


Deepak said...


Can you mail me those lectures pl. My mail id is deepakmnadiger@gmail.com


Parag said...

could you mail me the complete interview of Prof Bakshi. The first several pages were very enlightening.
email: parag_jhawar@hotmail.com


Amit said...

Kindly send me Prof. Bakshi's lecture notes as well as the complete interview. My email is dramitkumar@gmail.com

Thank you


Rohit Chauhan said...

i have yet to write to prof bakshi seeking his permission to forward the interview. if i am able to get his approval , i will forward the interview to all who have requested it

Tamilazhagan said...

Please forward the interview to me also. my Email id is tamilr74@gmail.com

Ranjit kumar said...

Hi Rohit,

If you do get the approval pls can you mail me the interview at ranjitkumaru@yahoo.com

Ranjit kumar

venu said...

Hi Rohit,
If you get the approval from Mr. Bakshi for sharing his interview, please send a copy to me at venu4u@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Shankar & Rohit,

Could you also please send me a copy of the lecture notes? I would greatly appreciate it.

My email address is: curiousspinningplates@yahoo.com

Thank You both for the effort and thanks Rohit for maintaining a nice blog.

rajnish said...

hi rohit,
have been reading your blogs and found them interesting. i have been wanting to read the full contents of prof bakshi's interview and would be grateful if you could forward it at my email id rajnishbery@gmail.com. thanks


Vikash said...

Hi Rohit,
I just happened to stumble upon your blog and have to tell you that you are doing a fantastic job. Many thanks to the thoughtful insight in various stock and value investing in general.

If possible would it be possible to email Prof. Bakshi's complete interview to vikash.sethi@gmail.com.


venkat said...

Hi Rohit,
I came across your blog and have to tell you that the site is a storehouse of information. especially analysis of various stock.

If possible can you please mail me the interview and the lectures to nvenkataraman1975@@gmail.com.


Joe said...

Hi - Can you also send me a copy of Sanjay Bakshi's lecture notes. my email id is anil.j.alexander@gmail.com


Vidyanshu said...

Hi Rohit,

This is a me too request :)

Pls. email these much sought after lectures to me too -


Rohit Chauhan said...

prof bakshi has posted the lecture on his blog now. you can find the link in the side bar under fundoo professor


Barath Mukhi said...


Could you please email the interview to barathmukhi@gmail.com.
I have read quite a few of Prof Bakshi's articles and find them damn interesting.

Anonymous said...

could you mail me the complete interview and lecture files of Prof Bakshi.
email: hemantmeht@gmail.com