April 8, 2007

A bi-polar market

I typically do not invest based on the market cap of companies. Though I have a cutoff of 100 crs for market cap when filtering for investment ideas, I do not give it anymore importance than that.

I have been reading a few articles that the midcap sector of the market seems to be performing poorly as compared to the index. As I hold several midcap stocks in my portfolio, I decided to check the validity of this view.

I checked on the performance of the midcap index and compared it with the nse nifty. Since april, the midcap index been in a bear market and has dropped by around 2-3% whereas the nse nifty is up 7-8 % (see under statistics section of the nse india website)

In addition, my stock filters seem to be turning up a few good ideas in the midcap space.

The above thought does not mean that I am planning to rush out and buy midcap stocks indiscriminately. However the small cap and midcap space is now a good place to look for new ideas

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