March 10, 2007

Increasing the circle of competence

The ‘circle of competence’ is a term coined by warren buffett. It roughly means companies, industries or businesses one knows well and can understand in depth to be able to analyse and predict the economics of the business for the next ten odd years.

In order to improve and increase the depth of my circle of competence, I have developed a business analysis worksheet which I have posted
here again in the ‘My analysis worksheets’ section of the sidebar.

This worksheet is still work in progress. I would be uploading updated versions of it in the future.

Please feel free to download the worksheet, review and critique it, and send me any feedback on it. Please send me an email on

I would be uploading individual company analysis in the future too.


Prem Sagar said...

Hi Rohit,
I should say, this is simply amazing!! I am still reading the first tab of the sheet and find it very very exhaustive...I can understand the effort behind it..truly gargantuan!!

Well, it motivates me so much too!!! Thanks a ton for sharing ur hard (smart!!) work with us! I just cant thank you enough!

I will have a deeper look at the sheet and get back to u for any clarifications!

Rohit said...

thanks prem
would appreciate if you can have a look and add your comments and any you know details in the blank cells. you can email me on


Anonymous said...

hi rohit - this sheet is very informative. This sheet give me many answers which i was searching for. I appreciate you for this sheet. Thanks for sharing.

RaviAranke said...


This is great piece of work. The depth of your research is amazing.

Thanks for sharing it. I will send you comments separately in email.


Sangram Pradhan said...

This is absolutely remarkable. Thank you sir.

Sangram Pradhan said...

This is absolutely remarkable. Very excited to find you and your work. I realize this post is from 2007 but the work is a guiding light in research endeavors.
Thank you sir.