January 30, 2006

What to expect on the Blog this year

I am planning to do a detailed study of various industry groups such as petrochemicals, FMCG, Cement, Auto etc. I would be posting an industry study and company analysis after I complete an industry. My plan is to do one industry per month. So hopefully I should be able to do 12 industries by the end of this year.

The thought of doing it in the above way came from this
interview of warren buffett.

The above approach is strictly not a way of searching for undervalued stocks, but it is more of building the circle of competence which would help me in the long run.

I am wary of putting stock tips on the blog, because it is frankly a no win proposition for me. If the stock does well, irrespective of the analysis, then no one remembers it. If the stock does badly, due to a variety of reasons, and not necessarily due to my faulty analysis, then the person buying the stock based on my tip would forever curse me.

I may discuss my thoughts on stocks which I am looking at, but would not be recommending anything.

In addition I have added links to a few indian valueinvesting blogs too. You can find it under Indian blogs.

Please feel free to send me comments on what kind of content should I add further to the blog to make it more interesting.


Prasanth said...

In case you are wondering why i'm commenting on your posts written months back, it is just that i was going through the entire archive :)

Rohit said...

thanks ...good to see that my posts have some shelf life :)

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by your commitment towards value investing... I liked your idea of industry analysis.

It is a small token of my appreciation towards you. I have lot of information on many industries. I will be happy to send to you. Just please let me know which industry you intend to cover first and let me also know ur email id. Mine is profmohit@hotmail.com

Dr. Mohit Gupta