October 3, 2005

New section on Investment related spreadsheets

Over the years, to get a grip on various elements of investing, I have developed several spreadsheets. Some of these spreadsheets are for screening investment ideas. Some are for carrying out the valuation of a company using various mental models such as DCF (discounted cash flow, Porter’s five factor model etc).

In addition I have some spreadsheets where I try to value the entire market (Sensex or Nifty). I have loaded one such spreadsheet in the new section I have created ‘Quantitative analysis’

In addition to get my arms around various valuation parameters such as ROE, PE, Cash flow, Competitive advantage period and how these parameters work for cyclical, growth and other kinds of companies, I have developed a separate spread sheet which has been added to the same section. This spread sheet titled ‘ROE and PE’ is more of an analysis spread sheet and throws up some obvious and some interesting conclusions.

These spreadsheets and several more which I would be posting are entirely based on my personal understanding of investment concepts and may contain errors. Please feel free to download them, read them and critique them if required. I would be glad if anyone could point out some errors in my thinking as it would help me in refining my understanding of various concepts


Anonymous said...

the sheets are not opening up!!?

Rohit said...

can you right click and save on desktop and then try opening the worksheets