September 28, 2005

Microsoft's nightmare inches closer to reality

Read this article on The article talks of the challenge which google is posing to Microsoft.

Found the following comment interesting. Interesting to see how established business models are getting disrupted constantly , for ex in Telecom, in the desktop space (where Microsoft had a complete monopoly).

Microsoft, it seems, is faced with a classic "innovator's dilemma," as author Clayton Christensen put it in his groundbreaking book that defined why tech giants usually miss the next wave of innovation. Microsoft execs made what looked like the right decisions at the time. As a result, the cash came in. The core product, Windows, became bigger and more complicated, and getting updated versions became harder to get out the door.
Plotting the counter-offensiveThe burden of that success, as the theory in the book goes, makes it harder to respond to the next generation of tech innovators. Years ago, Microsoft and Apple rattled IBM. Now Google, some believe, has a chance to rattle Microsoft by providing a cheaper, easier-to-use alternative. "Every other time Microsoft was attacking from below," said one former executive. "Now (Microsoft) is being attacked from below and they don't know how to deal with it."

Can’t think of an equivalent scenario in India. But models which are undergoing a lot of change are retail, the auto industry – auto parts, Pharma industry (we seem to be playing a role in impacting the global industry ). Good to realize that in most of these sectors, Indian companies are acting as the disrupters or would be disrupters.

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