July 3, 2005

A good website - equitymaster.com

i regularly visit this website (equitymaster.com). One of the few indian websites which focuses on the fundamental analysis of companies and provides a good analysis of their quarterly/ annual results.

In addition, there are sometimes articles (views on news ) which give sensible advise to an investor in terms of various personal finance options .

The knowledge centre is good as it has some good articles on the economics of a number of industries such as cement / FMCG etc. There are some good articles on various investing principles too.

Only disadvantage is that a lot of the content is paid (especially the stock recommendation ). But if you believe in doing your own research and forming your own conclusions, then it is a non issue

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DanielXX said...

Hi Rohit,
I saw your comment on my blogsite. Pls feel free to link to the investment books blog.