March 17, 2005

Charlie munger's biography

i have been reading this biography for the last few days. Doing it for the second time. I have always admired charlie munger for his wisdom and the perspective he brings to investing, business and life in general.

i have read and re-read his talks on - mental models : multipdiscplinary approach to investing, his talk on 24 type of human misjudgement and several others. These talks are phenomenal and has opened an entirely new way of thinking for me .

I can say that along with warren buffet, charlie munger has influenced me a lot.

A few learnings from charlie biography for me have been
- act honorably / honestly . Treat people fairly. You never know when you will meet them again
- money is means to an end. It helps you to achieve financial freedom so that you can do what you love. money should not be an end in itself
- be rational. Rationality is more important than IQ
- keep an open mind . Always be inquisite . learning is a life long process
- learn from as many disciplines as possible. As charlie say - To a man with a hammer , every problem is like a nail. Learn the key models , and try to use them to solve problems
- reading should be with a purpose in mind. It should help one in building one's knowledge

i could go on and on. frankly enjoying myself reading this biography for the second. i am also looking forward to charlie's new book which is coming out in may.

if anyone is interested in his speeches , let me know. would be glad to share it. not sure if i can post them here .