February 4, 2005

The Warren buffet partnership letters - part II

I have been reading the letters further and have read till the 1965 letter. After initial formal / fact driven style of letters, the latter ones are more informative and one can see the buffet humor in those letter coming through. These letters are closer to the BRK letter from the chairman and i was quite surprised to find example, quotes which buffet has repeated later through his BRK letters.

He discusses the 'joys of compounding' in the latter letters and stresses on the importance of compounding at a higher than average rate and the impact on one's terminal networth.

There is a section on taxes (which has appeared later in the BRK letters) which discusses the importance of focussing on the post tax returns and focussing on investing based on this measure. Buffet points out to the folly of trying to minimise taxes at the cost of the post tax returns. He stresses on focussing on post tax returns and if the course of action enables the investor to save taxes , then thats added benefit. however the 'means' should not be confused with the 'end'.

In addition buffet discusses about a workout (arbitrage) situation as an example. These workout enable buffet to post a great performance during the down markets. The second category is 'generals' which is mainly the undervalued stocks and this was the highest proportion of the partnership most of the times.

The third portion is the control situation and buffet has discussed about dempster mills in detail and how he was able to extract value out of it . The point he makes several times is the focus on buying at a such a good price that a mediocore sale is good enough. He even states that buying is 90 % of the task and selling the balance 10%. This is illuminating !!!

i am enjoying reading the letters

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Just wanted to let you know that I chanced upon your blog and enjoyed reading your articles. I find your piece on the BP letters most interesting. Where can one find these letters though? What about the Berkshire letters ranging 1970 to 1976?

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