December 14, 2004

Victor Niederhoffer's website

I came across victor Niederhoffer's website today. He is the author of the best seller 'Education of a Speculator' . I have just started browsing his site.

He is a very successful trader. He lost of huge sum of money (see article) and then bounced back. You have to admire him for his spirit to come back from such a setback

I do not understand his strategies (which is short term and trading oriented) and do not plan to follow them because a) cannot be a full time trader b) more importantly do not have the nerve to take the risk

But i do admire his writing and his thinking ( he combines ideas from various fields with finance)

Anyone interested in the mutlidisciplinary mode of investing ( charlie munger - the co-chairman of berskhire has spoken about it several times ) should visit this site. It has a wealth of material from victor and from a lot of other contributors.

The website can acessed through this link :