September 5, 2005

Blogging for dollar - A new business model for individuals ?

Came across this blog from darren. He seems to have made 100000 usd via blogging in the last 1 year. Seems to be an interesting business model. Can this become a full time source of income ? i dont think so ( and darren suggests the same).

But i think blogs can be become a powerful tool for small time entreprenuers and a creative outlet for a lot of people. In addition a lot of companies can use blogs for internal and external communication (with customers ). Microsoft seems to be doing so.

We may see some companies use blogs in addition to their website to get closer to their customer (experience marketing ?)

It would interesting to see how this medium develop. But it would be safe to say a handful will achieve prominence ( the ones which will pass the tipping point ??) , whereas the rest would remain a labor of love (or pain if you are in it for the money only )

there is an interesting post i read on mark cuban's blog on a similar topic -

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Vic said...

Hi Rohit,

This is where I'm terms of reading all the posts.

You mentioned "Can this become a full time source of income ? i dont think so..".

There are many who're doing it successfully i.e. fulltime Bloggers. Of course..takes lot of time and commitment, not evrybody's cup of tea.